Monday, May 12, 2008

Wine a Question of Price?

Think you have to spend a whole lot of bucks or Euros for a good bottle of wine? Not so mon amis!

The French have been drinking what they call table wine or Vin de Table, I know because I have had my share, and everywhere I have been the Vin de Table they are talking about is made from a collection of the same grapes that grow in the same region you are in. They just aren't one grape or from one vineyard picked at one time in one region and bottled by one chateaus etc etc...

Yes there may be no consistency nor year, although current since they don't age well if at all, but in France they run around $2.00-5.00 and here you can find them for under $8.00 with some shopping. The trick is to chill them first then decant them, let them come up to room temperature unless you are in the tropics of course, and drink! Now I know that the wine aficionados taste buds are curling but table wine is a staple there and for most very good with dinner.

The bottle shown in this image is a perfect example. Under $7.00 at TotalWines
It taste very much like a beaujolais and a lot like the wines I had in various caves in France(except the grand masters of course). Now I am not saying that you will fool someone into thinking this is a Grand Margaux or Chateau Lafite Rothchild, but then again you will have some change left from that ten spot to buy some cheese and you won't have to wait for your tongue to try to distinguish all those fruits they talk about.

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