Thursday, August 20, 2009

We all scream for ice cream

I got a new client.He had a challenge, 50 flavors of Italian Ices. He said, " what can you do with ices? " The real trick however was that you had to shoot them within 2 hours before his store opened as well as bearing in mind that it is for his web/brochure and it would take some consistency.

I love challenges. They have a way of bringing you up to new level or getting you hooked on aspirins and vodka!

Step one ..establish an overall lighting setup on a neutral background. Step two...really believe this is going to work and not change course. Step three...aspirin and Vodka..


Backdrop created,logo downloaded,colors blended,(changes of color optional) product added.. Vodka emptied...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Cookies..baking for a Cure

Goodness comes two ways...things we earn, things we're given....

Judy makes cookies.She didn't start that way.Her cousin, Jani got sick . She didn't start that way either. When Jani was diagnosed with cancer, Judy brought her homebaked cookies to the hospital for all the doctors and nurses and anyone else who needed the comfort and treat. Jani got cured. Judy launched a sucessful business.

Cookies for Jani, is in the process of re-design on her website. After discussing several visuals and getting a feel of what she had, I proposed a bright and colorful approach to eye catch and show off her product. The worst part of this shoot is the amount of cookies I ate! Who could help it..too bad images couldn't have a scratch and sniff because besides the taste, my entire place was filled with delicious home-baked scents that warmed me as much as her story did.

Today, she donates a portion af every sale to the University of Miami for Cancer Research.
It was a pleasure to have done work for her , both she and Jani have earned and received something good....real good..