Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup

These mushrooms might not make you high but you will surely heighten your gourmet experience from this recipe.

On my last visit to France, in a small town outside Paris, my wife and I stopped for a lunch in a small bistro. Knowing that we wanted to cover ground, we opted for a bowl of soup rather than the full course plat de jour. I love mushrooms, yeah I know but you can,t get those in France...

Chock full of chopped mushrooms,thick and creamy,needless to say,I brought it home...

*Half lb. chopped mushrooms(white)
*Quarter lb of chopped wild mushrooms (Whole Foods carries them)..
( you can even mix of Shitaki/Oyster/BabyBell..if you can't find a wild mix)
*4-5 Tblsp. butter..
* 1 small sweet onion(Vidalia if available...) can also be made with half a Leek chopped
*3-4cups of Chicken Broth
( DON'T GET LAZY HERE--the can crap has way too much salt )
easy made chicken broth= quarter lb.chicken parts(necks or leg,backs etc...2 celery chopped,half onion quartered,2 sliced carrots,4oz white wine,quart of water,2 Tblsp butter, salt/pepper/crushed clove of garlic..garlic...set on low temp and cook till done...strain and save can double this amount or triple and save the rest for other recipes.)
* 1 cup of Heavy Cream
1 0z of dry Sherry
1/4cup flour
*1/8 tsp of nutmeg
salt and pepper to taste

Warm Chicken Broth in pot....
Cut some of the white mushroom in slices and chop all of the rest . In a large saute pan,melt a little butter and saute the slices,set aside...melt rest of butter,add the onions and chopped mushrooms,stir and cook on medium,add Sherry and saute till done to a soft consistency,a light brown.

Add Flour slowly to mix and stir until smooth.Add Broth while stirring, simmer until thickened and add Heavy Cream...simmer DO NOT BOIL,,,season with Nutmeg..salt and pepper to taste..

If you want it thicker, mix a tsp of flour with 4-5 oz of warm water and add in slowly while stirring over warm heat..

Spoon into bowls, top with sliced mushrooms ...and of course a hearty French or Italian Bread
(coated with rich butter,maybe sprinkled with a little parmesan..who cares about fat anyway,if you really do then just lick it)

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